Distance sessions and Group sessions

A Distance session is a session carried out remotely, similar to
in-person sessions but you can be anywhere in the World. This creates accessibility without having to travel, valuable for clients who are
physically unwell, small children or those that are just too busy. This can be carried out over Facetime or Messenger in real time or recorded and emailed for you to view a written report or to listen at your own convenience,depending upon what your preference may be. Remote session results can often be more powerful for different reasons.

How this Works:

Distance sessions work the same way as an in-person session. We know from Quantum
Physics that every part of the body and every cell knows exactly what every
other part or cell is doing. There is a deep
interconnection between every atom in the universe and every human. During a session we communicate with your bodymind and focus on what priorities areas come up that need balancing. There are many different ways to access information but most BodyTalk Practitioners use a method from one of the BodyTalk Courses called
Mindscape. This enables the Practitioner to access information from your field of information. There are many studies around this type of energy work which can be found on the BodyTalk System website and on the internet.

Group sessions at a distance

For Group sessions there is often a theme,the group is focused on in MindScape. Benefits from group sessions are many as we all mirror each others issues and the changes in the group dynamics along with feedback after these sessions can bring many insights and shifts to each other. It can feel like the session was just for you. Its a great thing to be part of for everyone involved including the Practitioner!

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